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What We Do

We wish to bring many good things to life.

What We Offer

The Africa Awakening Movement (AAM) employs a multi-phased strategic approach to tackle the chronic poverty that has plagued Africa for far too long.

Poverty is a global menace number one.

Many of the cause célèbre in the world today – infectious diseases, terrorism, environmental degradation, illiteracy, malnutrition, human rights abuse, human trafficking, illegal immigration, ideological intolerance, gender inequality, tyranny, genocide, debt slavery, and so on all have their roots in this seminal evil – the brutal daily indignities of abject chronic poverty.

Poverty demeans dignity, shrinks souls, wastes human potential, and inflicts various forms of immense suffering on more than three billion people on our planet.

The World Bank projected that by 2050, the African population will double, making it more urgent than ever to alleviate mass abject poverty.

Our goal is to propel the continent beyond its historical stagnation and backwardness. Below is a breakdown of our approach.

What We Do

Phase I: Promoting a New Mindset and Cultural Revolution

In the first phase, we embark on an expedition to shift the African mindset, addressing deep-seated issues such as slavery mentality, inferiority complexes, learned helplessness, and victim consciousness, which have silently persisted in the subconscious of Africans.

Leveraging the insights of behavioral sciences, social neuroscience, neuroplasticity, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, and more, the AAM focuses on initiating a massive cognitive restructuring of the African consciousness. Our efforts extend across various mediums, including mass media, education, entertainment, and community engagement.

Through these channels, we disseminate a new mindset that instills self-confidence and self-esteem, essential attributes for dismantling the shackles of mass poverty in Africa.

Phase II: Multiple Grassroots Programs

In the second phase, we introduce a combination of micro-franchising, micro-finance, and behavior modification programs that work harmoniously together to alleviate poverty from the grassroots level, pulling Africans out of their learned helplessness to become self-sufficient and productive.

Behavioral Modification
At the core of our strategy is the introduction of behavior modification as a pivotal first step before the implementation of micro-franchise and micro-finance programs.
Behavioral modification involves the assessment, evaluation, and alteration of behavior, with a focus on cultivating adaptive pro-social behavior while reducing maladaptive behavior in everyday life. This approach enhances the likelihood of success in business endeavours.

As an effective tool for poverty reduction, microcredit provides the necessary capital for entrepreneurs to launch and manage their businesses, ultimately lifting themselves out of poverty.
However, not all individuals possess the requisite entrepreneurial skills and training. This is where micro-franchising complements micro-finance, offering a "turn-key" business model with built-in training and support to reduce the risk of business failure.

This innovative model provides a blueprint for small businesses that can be easily replicated by adhering to established mentoring, marketing, and operational concepts typically seen in formal franchises. It empowers aspiring entrepreneurs with a proven roadmap for success.
Most notably, this approach minimises the risk of business failure by offering comprehensive training and ongoing support. The franchisor serves as a forward-thinking partner, emphasising marketing, growth, and global integration.
Entrepreneurs within the franchise network can tap into new markets, share innovations, and benefit from economies of scale. For example, innovations developed by one franchisee can also be quickly replicated throughout the entire network. By being part of an extensive network, even those with limited entrepreneurial experience can thrive.
This fact was backed up by reports that show in the US, 80% of independent businesses fail after five years, while 80% of franchises stay in operation during the same timeframe. This converse relationship is likely to be more pronounced in poorer countries that have fewer resources for their entrepreneurs.

The AAM is Driving Change!

We know that this journey to alleviate mass chronic poverty in Africa is complex. Still, we firmly believe in the transformative power of our approach. Yes, there will be obstacles and numerous challenges along the way, such as overpricing distribution issues, quality control concerns, and data collection limitations in rural localities.

Nevertheless, the Africa Awakening Movement is committed to driving meaningful change, fostering a new mindset, and enabling individuals to embark on a path of economic empowerment. We are dedicated to ensuring that Africa’s future is defined not by its past but by the potential that lies within its people.

Join us in this monumental endeavour to reshape Africa’s destiny and lead the continent toward a brighter, more prosperous future.



Let us alleviate mass poverty in Africa to increase global prosperity because poverty anywhere wastes human potential and threatens prosperity anywhere.

Once the Africa Awakening Movement starts its revolutionary mission in Africa, the world will never be the same because AAM will be the UNIFICATION of HUMANKIND BY CLOSING THE GAP BETWEEN THE RICH AND THE POOR NATIONS.

We are all ONE SPECIES, just different variations.  

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